should i join a lifegroup?

meeting times and locations

  • Sunday's at 6PM: Led by Bob Fugh and meeting on-site in the LP Hall. Studying Ephesians and everyone is welcome. 
  • Monday's at 6PM: Led by Pastor Tate and meeting on-site in the Prayer Chapel. Studying Paul's Epistles and for men. 
  • Tuesday's at 6PM: Led by Betty Scott and meeting in Sun Lakes. Currently studying 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John and everyone is welcome. 
  • Wednesday's at 6:30PM: Led by John Larkins and meeting on-site. Currently studying Philippians and everyone is welcome. 
  • Last Sunday of the Month at 10:45AM: Led by Megan Miller and meeting on-site. This group is for mothers. 

To find out more information email the office below.