We began this earlier effort with uncertainties about our ability to raise the initial $130,000 dollars, and despite all the unforeseen needs that were revealed, each time God provided.  Now with “2020 Vision,” we look ahead and trust God once again to go beyond our greatest expectations in terms of our Worship Center remodel. 

  • 2020 Vision: After praying, exploring, and employing a design team to look at the areas of greatest need, we worked together with a designer and architect who helped us determine an estimate for the project based on our needs.  The range of the estimate is $250,000 - $500,000 dollars.  Our leadership board has set our goal at $500,000 for the project.  This is a big number for sure, but remember, we have a BIG GOD, who is Great & Awesome.
  • The Needs There are many improvements needed in the Worship Center.  As we prayed and examined the areas of greatest need they included:  leveling the floor, seating, ceiling area work, a modified and improved stage area, and heating & air.  One of our construction goals is to improve these areas that need fixing.  Renovations will not simply fix broken areas of need, but will improve aesthetics, function, sound, visuals, heat and air flow. 
  • The Cost: We understand the goal will be challenging.  $500,000 dollars is a huge amount of money. Unfortunately, as you know from your own experience, the cost of improvements is expensive.  We set this goal to accomplish the “needs” of our Worship Center while trying to upgrade function, not simply replacing broken stuff with the same stuff.  As we look to the future, our mission demands that we leave our future brothers and sisters in good position to carry on the work of the gospel in the Pass area as we cheer them on from Heaven.
  • The Goal: We hope to raise all the needed money no later than the end of 2020.  The 2020 Vision plan is to begin fundraising now and throughout the rest of 2019 and into 2020.  We’ll set milestones and benchmarks along the way.  Sometime before the close of 2020, if not sooner, it is our goal that we will have funded the project and construction will begin.  While raising funds, we will continue to explore the most cost effective ways of completing the remodel with our designer and architect.

         It’s our desire that you be able to share in the journey and celebration of this effort.  No amount is too little or too big.  We can never, ever out give God!  Please join us.