why should i join financial peace?

starting july 11, 2023

This 9-Week Class will help you attain financial freedom! This class is normally $90, but we are offering it to you for free!

Below you will find the course outline:

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Week 1: Intro and Super Saving (7/11/23)

Go over why saving money is so important

Must get $1,000 in emergency fund as fast as possible to

deal with the unexpected so you don’t have to borrow to cover.

Week 2: Relating with Money (7/18/23)

Money problems are the #1 cause of relational problems

Learning to work as a team with your spouse (accountability partner if single)

Have monthly budget planning meetings with spouse to always be on the page. 

In many ways, learning to communicate effectively about

money also improves other aspects of

your relationship.

Week 3: Cash Flow Planning / Budgeting (7/25/23)

This section is all about how to budget.

Uses the envelope based system.

Teaches how using cash can help you save and spend less.

Week 4: Dumping Debt (8/1/23)

How debt is crippling our society and the pitfalls of credit cards.

Shows how to practically get rid of debt using the Debt Snowball tool

Week 5: Buyer Beware (8/8/23)

Learn the pitfalls of marketing messages and how to know when they are being used so

you don’t bust your budget.

Lesson 6: The Role of Insurance (8/15/23)

Nuts and bolts lesson that goes over all the different types of insurance. Everything from

life, health, home, disability, auto, identity theft protection, etc...

Explains what to look for, how to pick the right kind of insurance and how to understand

some of the not so great deals that one can get talked into.

Week 7: Retirement and College Planning (8/23/23)

Basics of investing and concepts like mutual funds and how to segment investments.

Basics of IRAs and tax forward accounts like 401k, 403b, etc..

Addresses how to plan for college and how to view in light of debt implications.

Week 8: Real Estate and Mortgages (8/30/23)

Overview of buying and selling a home.

Mortgages and what they are, which type to get and which to avoid.

Week 9: Great Misunderstanding (9/5/23)

God owns everything – our home, car, stuff and money. We are just stewards.

Living by sound biblical based principles will provide for your family, keep you out of

debt, and will allow you to give through the entire process…and then be able to give a

lot more toward the latter part of your life.

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